The Decatur Monument May 5, 2018


This was by far a good day May 5, 2018 In the picture above my good friend Billy Bearden. the gentleman in the middle is Terry Lee and I am on the Right. We went to defend the Confederate Monument in Decatur. I was angry that the group called Hate Free Decatur was there spouting lies. I was proud however that 6 people came together to stand for the monument.

The unfair thing is these veterans passed a long time ago. They cant defend themselves. The crowd there  of about 50 argued the monument was symbol of white supremacy and that the blacks did not have a say in the monument. I wish one of the veterans could speak today. The veterans who helped build the city of Decatur and the surrounding DeKalb County. Removing the monument will only separate people from the past. These individuals invited a member of ANTIFA that was complaining of being confronted by police in Newnan after he and others defaced a monument there. He made many statements about police officers and how much they oppressed him. From that point it become obvious they did not just want the DeKalb Monument off the square. They want a statewide removal of monuments. I am proud to have stood up for the monument. I do not know what the future holds but I will continue to stand up for the history of these soldiers for as long as I am able.




Nathan Bedford Forrest is perhaps the most unfairly treated general in todays society but this was not always the case. During the war it was noted by the citizens of Rome, Georgia after he saved the city from Colonel Abel Streight and his cavalry. many people wanted to honor him including the renaming Union county to Forrest County.

Southern Confederacy, May 14, 1863 — page 4

 “Forrest County

 “As an acknowledgement by Georgia of the timely service rendered in capturing the Yankee cavalry near Rome, thereby preventing the destruction of that city, and also thwarting the raid of the enemy on the State Road, it has been suggested by a distinguished citizen, who fills a high official position in Georgia, that the name of Union County be changed to that of Forrest. Since Georgia withdrew from the Abolition Union, she has no use for any name or emblem so hated as the relation she was forced to cast off, to preserve her honor and her rights. Forrest County would have a patriotic and monumental significance.
 We take the foregoing from the Southern Recorder of the 12th. We second the motion with all our heart.”

The truth was that Union county although named Union had enlisted many Confederates like the 52nd Georgia Company G and there was only three Union soldiers form this county to serve. While Forrest County never caught on a few other cities bared his name and in Floyd County this part of North Rome was called Forrestville.

place namesThough Forrest spelled his names with 2 R’s its seems they called the town Forestville.


The Georgia Assembly formed the new town on October 9th, 1868 and the town was to extend 1/4 mile in either direction at the junction of Kingston and Calhoun Roads. The act of incorporating the town in 1868 listed the following members of the City Council below.


We see from this map in 1885 that Forestville was located just above Rome and another town named Desoto.


We see there was interest in the sale of lots in the town to attract people to the new village.




Reverend Jesse Lamberth performed weddings in Forrestville and throughout the county.


A new steam flour mill located on the railroad with business booming in the area.


The railroad is necessary for any towns growth in this time and maintenance is important.

schoolHere is a list of schools in the area.


In 1881 This is all that was listed in the Georgia State Gazetteer.


There are a lot of miscellaneous articles but we find that on September 21, 1883 the town changed to North Rome. Was it changed because citizens were offended by General Forrest. No the truth is the little town was really always a part of a growing city of Rome. Rome continues to honor Forrest in several ways. I could share but lets allow their detractors to figure it out on their own.


Southern Confederacy, May 14, 1863 — page 4

Georgia Places Names by Kenneth K Krakow

1885 Map of Floyd County Georgia George Cram Railroad and County Map from the Digital Library of Georgia

Rome Tri-Weekly Courier May 19, 1886 Page 2

Rome Tri-Weekly Courier July 8, 1869 Page 3

Rome Tri-Weekly Courier June 3, 1870 Page 3

Rome Tri-Weekly Courier January 27, 1871 Page 2

Rome Weekly Courier January 23, 1878 Page 2




James Lilburn Colbaugh and a lost Cherokee Ancestor Part III


Here is my Great Grandfather George Clinton Colbaugh and he is applying for the Cherokee Rolls. He lived in Rossville, Georgia in Walker County and was born April 15, 1850 in Meigs County Tennessee. We is widowed. and is claiming through his mother. All the data is the same on the second application accept they listed one of Henry’s Children George that dies 23 Years ago as George Calville. Note his name is George Clinton.

James L Colbaugh and William H. H. Hudson are the witnesses on his application in which he placed his X. They knew him for 40 years and 14 Years. Signed the 30th Day of 1907 and witnessed by E H Matthews.


George Clintons Son William applied as well. This would have been Arthur Colbaugh’s brother. He was born September 8, 1880 and living in Rossville, Georgia in Walker County. He was married to Georgia Colbaugh and he claimed through his father and grandmother on my fathers side. His mother was listed as Velina Colbaugh and George Clinton was from Meigs County Tennessee and Velina was from Blount County Tennessee. It also notes that his mother died 15 years ago.


Notice he lists his brothers and sisters

Ola Colbaugh born in 1884 and living

Susan Killingsworth Born in 1887 and living

Arthur Colbaugh March… and living

Alice Colbaugh born in 1890 and living

Laura Dunning born July 5th 1882 and living

The application hints to Levina’s family being of the Davis Family.

Joseph Davis, Died many years ago

William Davis in Arkansas

James Davis in Arkansas

Isabelle Brogdon living in Rhea County Tennessee

Louisa Dunning and William H Hudson witnessed the document and the notary was E H Matthews on March 30th 1907

Whew that was a lot of info only to get all of it rejected apparently due to genealogy.

Lets look at the problem now

In the second application James says he claims through his great grandmother on my mother and grandmothers side. Her name was Housley but her Christian Name I cannot give but will furnish it later. She was enrolled and drew monthly. and in a letter he writes ” My Grate(Great) Grandmother was Feby Howsley. She lived in what was known as Jones County Tennesee at this time but in 1836 or 1846 or 1851 or 2 when the cafuter payment was made she lived in part of the county and was enrolled in one of cafarter payments rolls. This is the information handed down from to me by my ancestors. You will find her name are on the rolls made in the years I have been named above. She was about 1/2 Cherokee. The Old Rolls will prove this fact my ancestors are all white people Cherokee Indian many of them were slaves.”

Ok, here is his mothers side of the family and these are his mothers brothers and sisters.

Cluitt(?) McCorkle Died in 1892

Lilburn McCorkle Died in the Mexican War

Robert McCorkle Died in the Mexican War

Betsy Colbaugh Died in 1864

Mary Colbaugh died in 1890

Lydia Ann Torbett living in Knoxville, Tennessee

Charlotte Lawson Bledsoe County Tennessee

Matilda Haynes died in 1901

Louisa Lilliard died in 1901

Lucinda Lives in Texas.

His mothers name was Mary McCorkle Colbaugh

The person I think James is refereeing to a Phoebe Longmire Owsley sometimes spelled Housley. The data is uncanny according to this site.

GENERATION #4: Joseph Owsley and Phoebe Longmire.

We cant assume anything so we have to look back at Mary McCorkle Colbaugh. His Father was Henry Colbaugh. Mary’s Father was Samuel McCorkle and her mother was Lucinda Colbaugh McCorkle.

Samuel McCorkle was about 1819 in Sullivan County, Tennessee. His parents were Joseph McCorkle and Mary Hendry. He married Lucinda Colbaugh.

Samuel and Lucinda’s children included:
Eliza McCorkle(1836),
Mary C. McCorkle (1838, married Rodney Webb),
William Monroe McCorkle (1840, married Catherine Webb), and
John Joseph McCorkle (1846)
Mary McCorkle,
Martha McCorkle,
Susan McCorkle, and
Harriet McCorkle.

I have yet to find the connection between Phoebe Housley and James Lilburn and was perhaps the issue he ran into. I have avoided doing a DNA test but it seems like the best way to determine if there is any Cherokee Ancestry involved. I will continue this discussion when I find more info.









James Lilburn Colbaugh and a lost Cherokee Ancestor Part II


All of the children’s applications look much like the previous. I did not find James Application till much later. Above are listed all of the associated application numbers.

Here is James application and its about the same as the others accept it lists that he claims Cherokee ancestry though his mothers side. We will investigate this more but I am excited about the Death dates of his father and mother. We see Henry Colbaugh died June the 14th 1862 which is coincidently my birthday June the 14th 1969 and oddly enough my mother Evelyn Colbaugh passed on the same day.  Mary apparently passed June 19th 1893.


John Colbaugh who died 40 Years ago

Samuel Colbaugh born in 1836 and died 1901

George C Colbaugh living in Born in 1851 Rossville, Georgia

Frank Colbaugh Born in 1850 living in Blackburn, Oklahoma

John Colbaugh Born in 1850 living in Dayton, Tennessee

Sarah Colbaugh Born in 1834 and Died in 1835

Charlotte Colbaugh died 55 Years ago

Sarah Rockholt Colbaugh Born in 1835 died on the May 3, 1906(1?)

Tennessee Mavity Colbaugh Born August 5, 1849 and still living  resides in Hamilton County, Tennessee

The grandparents listed is Henry Colbaugh Jr. and Polly Colbaugh and on his mothers side Samuel McCorkle and Jenna McCorkle. Both were born in Sullivan County Tennessee. He mentions the Colbaugh’s were in Sullivan County Tennessee and the McCorkle’s were in Meigs County On his fathers side the children where

On his fathers side Henry Colbaugh note his Grandfather was Henry Colbaugh Jr.

George Colbaugh died 23 Years ago

Samuel Colbaugh  Residence Sullivan County Tennessee

Michael Colbaugh Residence Sullivan County Tennessee

William Colbaugh Residence Sullivan County Tennessee

Patsy Nolan Colbaugh Residence Sullivan County Tennessee

According to this website.

John Colbaugh was born about 1780 in Tennessee. He married Mary Milhorn or Mottern.

Matilda Colbaugh (1802),
Francina Colbaugh (1804, married John M. Smith),
George Colbaugh (1807, married Elizabeth McCorkle),
Lucinda (Sina) Colbaugh McCorkle (1812, married Samuel McCorkle),
Michael Colbaugh (1815, married Catherine Cox),
Martha (Patsy) Colbaugh (1817, married Dennis Nolan),
William Colbaugh (1818, married Elizabeth Smith)
Henry Colbaugh (1822, married Levisa Nave, granddaughter of Abraham Nave),
Samuel Colbaugh (1824, married Maria Carr),
Mary Jane Colbaugh (1825, married John Massengill), and
Susan Colbaugh Cross (1826, married Samuel Cross).

In 1814, during the War of 1812, John Colbaugh was on Captain William King’s muster.

John died on March 3, 1832.

In 1840 Mary and her son, Henry were in Piney Flats, Tennessee.”

Notice that Lucinda’s name was Sina but James thought is was Jenna or perhaps spelled Senna. Henry and Polly are interesting. I need to investigate more. James is doing this from memory and was not perhaps aware of them all. Other notes n the page include

“The Massengills, Massengales and Variants, 1472-1931 by Samuel Evans Massengill, M.D. The King Printing Company, Bristol, Tennessee, 1931.

p. 324 The earliest Calbough we ever heard of in this section was our grandfather, John Calbough, who we think married a [Mary] Mottern. We do not know the order of the births of his children, but the following are the names:

a. The oldest, Henry, located in Meigs County, Tenn. and was living about 1929

b.Susan married a Cross. Think his name was Sam. She was the mother of Rev. Reece Cross of Sullivan County, and two daughters, Eliza and Leucreti

c. Lucinda married William McCorkle.

d. Sina married John M. Smith.
Their only son, Ruthedge Smith, was wounded when serving in the Confederate Army and was badly crippled for life.
Three daughters–Mary, who married John Arrants, who was also wounded while in the Confederate Army;

Eliza who married Christopher Baker, and A. B. who married William Anderson

e. Patsy married Dennis Nolan, an Irishman; one child Hyla Jane [Hilda Jane Colbaugh- who married George Malone [son of Jacob Malone and Elizabeth Webb]

f . William married Betty Smith. One child, George Calbough, Elizabethton, Tenn

g. William [sic-William] married Bettie Cox. Two children Lizzie, who died unmarried, and William who was killed in the Confederate Army at Richmond, Va. All communications were destroyed and his father walked from his home to Richmond in an unsuccessful attempt to recover the body

h. George located in Meigs County and later removed farther west

i. Samuel, who lived at Piney Flats married Maria Carr..

j. Mary Jane, next to the youngest, who was the third wife of John Massengill, son of Hal Massengill

k. The youngest child [?], Matilda, was accidently shot and killed when about 16 years old.”


Ok, here is his mothers side of the family

Cluitt(?) McCorkle Died in 1892

Lilburn McCorkle Died in the Mexican War

Robert McCorkle Died in the Mexican War

Betsy Colbaugh Died in 1864

Mary Colbaugh died in 1890

Lydia Ann Torbett living in Knoxville, Tennessee

Charlotte Lawson Bledsoe County Tennessee

Matilda Haynes died in 1901

Louisa Lilliard died in 1901

Lucinda Lives in Texas.

In the second application James says he claims through his great grandmother on my mother and grandmothers side. Her name was Housley but her Christian Name I cannot give but will furnish it later. She was enrolled and drew monthly.

Signed by James Colbaugh on the 24th Day of March 1907

E H Matthews was the Notary who signed and his term expires October 7 1907

This time it was witnessed by Tennessee Mavity and Frank Haynes. it was Tennessee who knew him for 46 years. Frank Knew him for 14 Years.


It does it make it clear who the commissioner was but he still does not have enough info.


Apparently James went to Fort Smith Arkansas to straighten this out.  Or he has moved. He is later found buried in Oklahoma.

Lets move on to George Colbaugh. James must have encouraged him to also apply and strike while the iron was hot. I will continue on the next post

Reference: An American Family History Colbaugh Family of Sullivan and Cater Counties, Tennessee Colbach, Colbaugh, Colbough, Colbaugh, Colboth, Culbaugh , Colbock

National Archives







James Lilburn Colbaugh and a lost Cherokee Ancestor

After a visit to the National Archives I cam a cross a genealogical gold mine of information about James Lilburn Colbaugh and how my family is connected.

First just who is James.

James Lilburn Colbaugh

So my Fathers name is Harless Ralph Colbaugh, Grandfathers name is Arthur Harless Colbaugh, and my Great Grandfather is George Clinton Colbaugh and James Lilburn is his brother. James was born on February 2nd, 1861 and Ancestry says George was 9 years old.



James filed a claim with the Special Commission of Court of Claims Eastern Cherokkee Enrollment in  Washington D.C. for himself and his family. It seems he was turned down and his application was rejected. The reason why was listed in a letter,



So James responded mentioning his ancestor was Feby Howsley through his mothers side. I think I can who he was talking about but I will share what he wrote.


Chattanooga Tennessee July 20, 1908
Special Commission of Court of Claims
Eastern Cherokkee Enrollment
Washington D.C.

My Grate(Great) Grandmother was Feby Howsley. She lived in what was known as Jones County Tennesee at this time but in 1836 or 1846 or 1851 or 2 when the cafuter payment was made she lived in part of the county and was enrolled in one of cafarter payments rolls. This is the information handed down from to me by my ancestors. You will find her name are on the rolls made in the years I have been named above. She was about 1/2 Cherokee. The Old Rolls will prove this fact my ancestors are all white people Cherokee Indian many of them were slaves.

No 21877
James L. Colbaugh
Eastern Cherokee Enrollment

James L Colbaugh
Sworn and subscribed before me this July 20th,1908
Thomas Cowart
Notary Republic
Commision Expirres 1911, August 15

This is the bet transcription I can do. Lets see if we can make the connection James is referring too and share some of my ancestors info.


This original Application was stamped with the date April 3, 1907

This application he is writing for one of his children Lafayette. He reveals he lived in East End, Hamilton County, Tennessee that is today a suburb of Nashville. George Clinton and my Grandfather Arthur lived in Rossville near East Lake. My father was born in Rossville, Georgia. Note again it mentions James was born on  February 2nd, 1861 and was born in Meigs County. It mentions his wife’s names as Mary Williams Colbaugh and she is 41 years old also from Meigs County. Apparently both of James parents were still living at this time.


James did not know if his parents had enrolled for the payments and the application goes on to name his brothers and sisters. These are obviously Lafayette’s brothers and sisters.

Lemont Colbaugh Born November 4th 1892 Living

Glennie Colbaugh Born November 10, 1895 Living

Fred Colbaugh Born June 12, 1898 Living

Sam Colbaugh Born February 24, 1900 Living

Naomi Colbaugh Born February 23, 1902 Living

Lionel Colbaugh Born August 26, 1905 Living

Ada Colbaugh Born July 29, 1889 Living

John Colbaugh Born May 24, 1888 Living.

We are going to research more in depth each of these children but I am continuing on.

Here we begin to look at James Parents and his wife

James Fathers side is Henry Colbaugh and his mother was Mary (possibly McCorkle) Colbaugh Mary’s Fathers side is John Williams and mother is Louiza or Louisa Williams

All of James brothers and sisters ere living in Meigs County Tennessee  and they are listed as

John Colbaugh who died 40 Years ago

Sam Colbaugh I believe this to be Samuel who died in 1901

George Colbaugh living in Rossville, Georgia

Frank Colbaugh living in Blackburn, Oklahoma

John Colbaugh living in Dayton, Tennessee

Sarah Colbaugh died over 50 years ago.



Charlotte Colbaugh died 55 Years ago

Sarah Rockholt Colbaugh died on the 3rd of May 1901

Tennessee Mavity Colbaugh resides in Hamilton County, Tennessee

James signed the application of the 29th of March 1907 with F.G Hayes and William H Hudson who had known James for 15 years and 10 years respectively. Much like a Confederate Pension Application which has their signatures and the notary E. H, Matthews whose commission expires 0 October 1907

For the sake of space I am stopping here and moving to another blog post.











I was looking at an old 1930s Map and discovered Ferrobutte. I was curious about this area as I have passed through many times between Atco and Cassville. I had no idea about this place but different notes have been made about this place. Lets start with the state Gazetteer.

Rodgers Stattion

So we find this not about Ferrobutte as it was not named until 1915. We find however Rogers Station. Apparently is was considered unimportant.

We go to the Etowah Valley Historical Society and we find this.

”  Rogers Station (aka Rogersille)

Rogers’ Station was named after Robert L. Rogers, owner of a six hundred acre farm at the intersection of modern day Iron Belt Road and the old Western & Atlantic Railroad (now CSX). In addition to his farming activities, Rogers operated a set of lime kilns, had a railroad wood and water station, a water powered cotton gin, corn mill and saw mill, two steam engines and maintained his neighborhood church. Nancy’s Creek supplied the water to operate his mills. It is unknown when Rogers came to this county, however we do know the name Roger’s Station was associated with The Great Locomotive Chase on April 12, 1862.

In 1872, Rogers, along with former Governor Joseph E. Brown and Martin H. Dooly, built an iron furnace on his property to process large amounts of iron ore found laying in his fields. Mining of iron ore continued after the furnace closed down in 1877. In 1883, a railroad was built from Roger’s Station to the Guyton Ore Bank some 4 to 5 miles northeast. The track was later extended approximately approximately 14 miles further northeast to both Aubrey and Sugar Hill in the Pine Log Mountains. This enterprise was built by Gov. Brown’s Dade Coal Company and other interested investors and was thought to be the longest privately owned railroad at the time. In 1897, the Iron Belt Railroad Mining Company was incorporated, composed of John W. Akin, L. S. Munford, S. P. Jones and T .W. Baxter. Iron Belt Road took its name from the old trackbed, long since removed. The post office at Rogers was named Ferrobutte and operated from 1900 to 1915. For additional information, refer to the history of “Ferrobutte”.

Source: History of Bartow County, Georgia, formerly Cass by Lucy Cunyus; Cartersville Express, May 28, 1878″

iron belkt railroad

So we find the town was set up along the railroad. Rogers was a bit more important than the gazetteer let on.


Here is an older picture of Iron Belt Road. I have passed this road several times but this was part of the original railroad.

Again from the EVHS

“Ferrobutte is a geological name describing the unique landscape given to the post office established in 1900 at Roger’s Station. The name is derived from Ferro “iron” and Butte “isolated hill with steep, often vertical sides and a small relatively flat top”. The terrain at Roger’s Station includes such a “butte” on land that once had significant iron deposits. The post office closed in 1915.”

References, Iron Belt Railroad Sholes’ state gazetteer and business directory 1879-80


The Rome Monument

Merry Christmas Everyone. Just wanted to share a few thoughts on the monument in Rome. What  a wonderful holiday season where the haters are destroying monuments doing over $200,000 in damage. Nothing brighter to put you in a festive mood.

But wait those pesky monuments are out in the open at courthouses and what not. Remove them to a cemetery where they cant be seen. Well that’s exactly where this monument was. So these vandals came and sawed off the soldiers hands and took the rifle, damaged the brim of his hat and smashed his face. What did our enemies gain from all of this? Was the motivation to bring people closer together? Write some social wrong perhaps. The world may never know but maybe the criminals will be caught. I could elaborate more on the articles and history below. The events surrounding the monument were a major part of Rome’s History with the Governor and many respected people attending. The last article below mentions another monument installed by the Sons of Veterans to the Women or the South. I will include more news when I get it.

Merry Christmas Everyone. Hope your holiday is brighter than mine.



5a3d35bc0c162_imageThe Weekly constitution. Atlanta, Ga. May 13, 1879, Image 3


womens Monument


The Weekly constitution. (Atlanta, Ga.) 1868-1878, May 13, 1879, Image 3

Atlanta Georgia and News, March 9 1910, Image 18