Popskull was another word for cheap liquor. Bent legs, red eye, and other names described what this rot gut whiskey could do to you. It seems for a time in Floyd County one of its militia district 1120 was known as Flatwoods and Popskull undoubtedly for the the illicit distilleries in the area. Esom Hill in Polk County was also noted for such things but lets look a little closer.

Here we see the district of Popskull now known as Mount Alto.

Here we can see Alto Park and the Celanse Village fairly close to Rome.

Popskull was not tolerated in some sections of Georgia. Generally Popskull is kept secret.

We can see many of the militia districts here in 1861. State militias and home guards were softer recruited here.

Bill Arp, a comedian of sorts with a political message, often mentioned politicians from this district to indicate the comedic tone.

In case tof any doubt citizens in thsi district held court each month to keep the peace. Makers of cheap liqour should be on the watch.

Normally I would share a map to reveal the location of Popskull but the moonshiner got wise and hid its location. The History of Rome gives us an idea along with other old communities of Floyd County.

Just remember to drink responsibly. no driving and if you can stay away from popskull. Thank you.