Urena, Georgia Banks County

Let me start by saying that I lived near the Hall/Banks County line in Lula. While scrolling through a newly found online newspaper teh Banks County Journal I came across the Banks County Journal published in Homer. I have passed through Homner on the way to Manks Crossing stores in Commerce. I saw some beautiful buildings and homes in Maysville and Gillsville, in amongst some of the towns I found like Carnot and Jewelville I became fascinated by Urena. So lets see if we can find where it came from.


We see this map from 1883 qw aww Urena is close to Franklin County. Note: I have only been through Franklin County Once when we ate at a place called the iron Skillet but it was interesting.


So we see the name is not from a family but from a herb or shrub. I have lived across the street from a Mrs. Uren in Euharlee and thought this might be a version of that name but I guess not. Lets look further.




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