Nathan Bedford Forrest is perhaps the most unfairly treated general in todays society but this was not always the case. During the war it was noted by the citizens of Rome, Georgia after he saved the city from Colonel Abel Streight and his cavalry. many people wanted to honor him including the renaming Union county to Forrest County.

Southern Confederacy, May 14, 1863 — page 4

 “Forrest County

 “As an acknowledgement by Georgia of the timely service rendered in capturing the Yankee cavalry near Rome, thereby preventing the destruction of that city, and also thwarting the raid of the enemy on the State Road, it has been suggested by a distinguished citizen, who fills a high official position in Georgia, that the name of Union County be changed to that of Forrest. Since Georgia withdrew from the Abolition Union, she has no use for any name or emblem so hated as the relation she was forced to cast off, to preserve her honor and her rights. Forrest County would have a patriotic and monumental significance.
 We take the foregoing from the Southern Recorder of the 12th. We second the motion with all our heart.”

The truth was that Union county although named Union had enlisted many Confederates like the 52nd Georgia Company G and there was only three Union soldiers form this county to serve. While Forrest County never caught on a few other cities bared his name and in Floyd County this part of North Rome was called Forrestville.

place namesThough Forrest spelled his names with 2 R’s its seems they called the town Forestville.


The Georgia Assembly formed the new town on October 9th, 1868 and the town was to extend 1/4 mile in either direction at the junction of Kingston and Calhoun Roads. The act of incorporating the town in 1868 listed the following members of the City Council below.


We see from this map in 1885 that Forestville was located just above Rome and another town named Desoto.


We see there was interest in the sale of lots in the town to attract people to the new village.




Reverend Jesse Lamberth performed weddings in Forrestville and throughout the county.


A new steam flour mill located on the railroad with business booming in the area.


The railroad is necessary for any towns growth in this time and maintenance is important.

schoolHere is a list of schools in the area.


In 1881 This is all that was listed in the Georgia State Gazetteer.


There are a lot of miscellaneous articles but we find that on September 21, 1883 the town changed to North Rome. Was it changed because citizens were offended by General Forrest. No the truth is the little town was really always a part of a growing city of Rome. Rome continues to honor Forrest in several ways. I could share but lets allow their detractors to figure it out on their own.


Southern Confederacy, May 14, 1863 — page 4

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