The Rome Monument

Merry Christmas Everyone. Just wanted to share a few thoughts on the monument in Rome. What  a wonderful holiday season where the haters are destroying monuments doing over $200,000 in damage. Nothing brighter to put you in a festive mood.

But wait those pesky monuments are out in the open at courthouses and what not. Remove them to a cemetery where they cant be seen. Well that’s exactly where this monument was. So these vandals came and sawed off the soldiers hands and took the rifle, damaged the brim of his hat and smashed his face. What did our enemies gain from all of this? Was the motivation to bring people closer together? Write some social wrong perhaps. The world may never know but maybe the criminals will be caught. I could elaborate more on the articles and history below. The events surrounding the monument were a major part of Rome’s History with the Governor and many respected people attending. The last article below mentions another monument installed by the Sons of Veterans to the Women or the South. I will include more news when I get it.

Merry Christmas Everyone. Hope your holiday is brighter than mine.



5a3d35bc0c162_imageThe Weekly constitution. Atlanta, Ga. May 13, 1879, Image 3


womens Monument


The Weekly constitution. (Atlanta, Ga.) 1868-1878, May 13, 1879, Image 3

Atlanta Georgia and News, March 9 1910, Image 18