The Peace Monument in Piedmont Park

This was one of the first and most stupid events by groups attacking monuments in Atlanta. The pictures came from a friend Davis McCollum.

From the Georgia Tourism site.” The Old Guard Battalion of the Gate City Guard traces heritage back to 1854 when a group of private citizens of Atlanta met to form a private militia for the sole purpose of assisting the City of Atlanta to keep law and order.  The organization was chartered in 1857 as The Gate City Guard of Atlanta Georgia.  One of the founding members was William L. Ezzard, the Mayor of Atlanta.”

I also want to mention that William Austin Leyden was a member of the Old Gate City Guard who defended Atlanta before and after the war. The article continues to say…

The Old Guard of the Gate City Guard, decided to erect a monument in Piedmont Park in Atlanta to commemorate the efforts made over a thirty year period to bring about unity between the North and the South.The monument was commissioned, built and erected in Piedmont park in 1911. A dedication service was held on October 11, 1911.  A number of Centennial Legion of Historical Military Command units were in attendance. Governor Hoke Smith, of the   State of Georgia, received the visiting Delegations.  To name a few in attendance were: The Ancient and Honorable Artillery of Boston under the leadership of COL Everett C. Benton, then Mayor of Boston. The Battalion State Fencibles, Philadelphia, Pa., Mayor Edwin Smith of Hartford, CN., James H. Preston, Mayor of Baltimore, The Fifth Regiment , Maryland National Guard of Baltimore, The Governors Foot Guard of Hartford.,CT.  Over 50,000 veterans from both the North and the South, many of whom once fought each other, marched in a parade down Peachtree Street to Piedmont Park.

The Old Guard has rededicated the monument each year since.   The Centennial Legion of Historical Military Commands will hold their annual meeting in Atlanta in order to again participate in the rededication. ”

It was of course August 14th, 2017 a date that coincides with the smearing of feces on the Decatur Monument. The feces was washed off August 16th by the city of Decatur. in both cases no charges were filed.

“A protester was hurt by metal falling from the edifice as the group tried to tear it down, AJC photographer John Spink reported Sunday night. Tensions rose as the lone policeman on the scene was surrounded by black-clad Antifa protesters shouting “pig.” Black Lives Matter protesters put themselves between the police officer and the Antifa crowd, and the gathering soon dispersed.


The sad part of this story these people could not be identified. The news reporters who photographed this was contacted. they have an idea who they are but no one wants to come forward.

“Atlanta Police Chief Erika Shields said by that time, when arrests were necessary, “we couldn’t identify them.” “And that’s that’s not acceptable,” she continued. “We have the intelligence, we have the probable cause, we need to take action.”

Police are studying videotape of the protest to identify areas in which they can improve, the chief said. 


“You look at the footage, you review all your plans and you get better,” she said. “And we’re gonna be better and we’re gonna bring our a-game. We have to.”

The sad part of this is if a life had been claimed like there was in Charlottesville, Virginia how could they have identified the criminals? Everyone imagines these are victimless crimes. Statues and state property are not inanimate. I say that these are symbols of our past. Erasing them will accomplish nothing but spread more ignorance and hate, People would not appreciate their history torn down. you can only stand up and speak out against the destruction.



Atlanta’s Peace Monument, desecrated by protesters, champions unity, not the Confederacy–law/apd-chief-arrests-should-have-followed-statue-desecration/m6lYMSb9uTal5jTbTzkyeM/




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