Cement, Georgia


While thumbing through an 1872 Atlanta City Dire4ctory I found an advertisement for the Lime and Cement Works near Kingston, Georgia. This business and the town the grew around it became known as Cement, Georgia.


I went to the George State Gazetteer also located on Archive. Org with a lot of good stuff found on there. We see that George H. Waring was the post


I do remember seeing this site off Halls Station Road near Kingston. This is on private property. A link below will give you an idea of what the ruins look like.

Ruins of Howard Cement Company Former town of Cement, near Kingston, GA


A small bio is listed on the Etowah Vole Historical Site


I searched for Waring’s Picture. many notes say he was a Colonel. I am not sure what unit he served with. Another article mentioned his son of the same name George H Waring that was born in Cent, Ga in 1870 and went to  college and became a metallurgist working for a gas and coke(mining) company in Michigan.

I will update this page as I find more.



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