Happening Upon Gum Springs, Georgia


So what about Gum Springs. I found this city thumbing through the Gazetteer of Georgia. Gum Springs is described on the Etowah Valley Historical Society Site as

“Gum Springs is a north Bartow County agricultural community named for its abundance of Sweetgum trees and the natural spring there. From 1879 to 1905, a post office existed in the home of Thomas J. Hendricks. The community section of the August 3, 1905 edition of The Cartersville News states “We have a thriving little village of one store and two dwelling houses”. Gum Springs is in the area of Springplace Road and GA Highway 140. “


The poem below was printed in the Sunny South newspaper, Atlanta reprinted from the Age Herald, New York. Mr. Peck may not have been from Bartow County but the poem seemed appropriate. Sunny South, Feb. 3, 1894 -- page 13.png

I am not sure what Mr. Nichols was referring too but I guess whatever gets you in the newspaper.


I have travelled up Hwy 411 to Flexatile/Funkhouser, Pine Log and into Gordon County and Fairmount. I have never been through the Gum Springs Community. One day perhaps I may take a drive up that way. I have passed this way on the way to Chatsworth and you can cut over to Jasper, Pickens county. I am sure Gums Springs is a pretty place.


Etowah Valley Historical Society, http://evhsonline.org/bartow-history/places/gum-springs Source: Verbal recollections of Frances Linn, granddaughter of Thomas J. Hendricks.

Sunny South, Feb. 3, 1894 — page 13 http://atlnewspapers.galileo.usg.edu/atlnewspapers-j2k/view?

Constitution, May 6, 1884 — page 9









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