Lying between the Allatoona River and Pumpkinvine creek is a village of about 150 inhabitants, 7 miles southeast of Cartersville courthouse, 36 by wagon road and 41 by rail from Atlanta and 99 from Chattanooga. The place has two churches Baptist and Methodist and good primary public schools. a forge and three grist mills are operated by power derived from the streams above named. Cotton Hay and Iron are shipped. Gold mines operated by William Tudor of Boston in operating within a half a mile of the village. Acworth 6 Miles South East is the nearest express and Telegraph Office. Daily mail

T.C. Moore Postmaster
Holcombe E.B. justice
Kemp, Ishmael Miner
McCoy, Taylor Rev. Baptist
McDaniel E.B., Notary and ex-off justice
Memler and Zoppi (Melmer, Peter Zoppi) Mfr charcoal blooms
Miller H.H Constable
Milner William, grist mill route Cartersville
Moore Elliot, Grist Mill
Moore T.C. Grist mill
Tumlin, G. W. Constable
Wilkes S.W. Rail road agent
Wood Berry, miner


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