Pictures of barry through the years.

Just add a few comments the picture with the ball is the earliest possibly 1970 The top right wit green sleeves and collar is age 5 in 1975, The yellow shirt would be age 6 in 1976. I skipped kindergarten by going to head start in Jonesboro. The next date was 1976 that would be the brown shirt 2nd to the left. 1977 was most certainly the suit outfit. 1978 would have been on the middle third from the left. I had a fever blister in that photo. Me and my father in the last picture middle far right was 1984 or 5 and the last at the Cass High Emblem was 1987 graduating from high school and off to Basic training at Frot Jackson South Carolina. A true learning experience.


Cassville Marker Builders Walter Headden and Lyman Chapman


As you may or may not remember we were trying to restore the Cassville Monument that is suffering from chipping plaster and damage. The Georgia Building Authority wanted more information about the monument and I sought out to find more. I accidentally bumped into this info.

In searching for more information about the Cassville monument I found an article in the Rome News Tribune that mentions Walter Johnston of the Berry Schools and his brother in law Lyman Chapman as builders of the huge monument. In doing more digging we find that Lyman Chapman was a Confederate Veteran in the Dalton guards Company B of Phillips Legion. In another article we find The Cartersville Express Newspaper March 10, 1881 Page 3 “Our community was shocked on Sunday morning last at the reception of the news of the death of Mrs. Elizabeth Chapman, the devoted wife of our fellow townsman, Mr. Lyman A. Chapman, which occurred at her residence at 4 o’clock a. m. She died in child birth. Mr. Chapman was absent at his work in Gadsden, Ala., and was immediately telegraphed for. He had already started home and arrived on the 11 o’clock morning passenger. Mrs. Chapman was the daughter of Mr. Wm. Headden, of Cassville, and the sister of Rev. R. B. Headden and Mr. Walter Headden, of this place. She was about 34 years of age, and besides her fond husband and relatives, leaves three or four little children. Her remains were interred at Cassville Monday afternoon, Rev. Dr. DeVotie officiating. ”It looks as if Lyman moved to Dublin Georgia and married a Martha H Chapman and is buried in the North view cemetery in Laurens County
In another article The Weekly Tribune March 8, 1928 “ One of County’s Honored Citizens Succumbed as Result Attack of Pneumonia—Once in Drug Business Here. Mr. Walter Johnston Headden died at his home in Cassville Saturday morning and was buried Sunday afternoon in the Cassville cemetery. Rev. Amos Cash conducted the funeral services in the presence of a large gathering of relatives and friends, at the Baptist church. The pallbearers were Messrs. J.B. Crawford, J.C. McTier, W.D. Pittard, J.L. Milhollin, H.E. Bruce and W.S. Chunn Funeral arrangements in charge of Jackson’s funeral directors, of Cartersville. Mr. Headden, who was born and reared in Cassville, was 75 years of age. He was in the drug business in Cartersville for several years, then moved to Rome, and was in the drug business with r. Dave Curry for twenty years. He moved back to Cassville a few years ago to be near old friends and relatives. Mr. Headden has been in declining health for the last two months, and his death was not unexpected. He was a consecrated member of the Baptist Church for a number of years, and was genuinely loved and respected. He is survived by his widow, and one sister, Mrs. F.W. Smith, of Rome, Ga., and one brother, Mr. E.A. Headden, of Hermitage, Tenn. He was a brother of the late Dr. R.B. Headden, of Rome, who was pastor of the Baptist church there for thirty years; also a brother of Mr. George H. Headden, of Cassville, who died eight years ago. The relatives attending the funeral were: Mr. and Mrs. F.W. Smith, Miss Florence Smith, Mr. and Mrs. R.S. Kennard, and Miss Nan Headden, all of Rome; Mr. Jim Headden and children, Walter J., Gladys, Helen and Mary, of Atlanta; Miss Marie Headden of Chattanooga, Miss Delle Headden, Mr. Robert Headden and Mr. John K. Headden, of Cassville; Mr. and Mrs. Rolf Kennard of Cave Springs; Mr. Dave Curry, Mr. Walker Curry, and Mr. Arrington, of Rome, came over for the funeral. A lot of surprising information was found.

I hope to find more about the design of the monument.


Walter Johnston Headden photo from Find  A Grave

Atlanta Constitution January 13, 1915 Lyman Chapman Obituary

Newspaper obits from






George Clinton Colbaugh Via Ancestry


I am adding this for my own notes but I will do a walkthrough. We see that George Clinton Colbaugh was birn in 1851 to Henry Colbaugh and Mary McCorkle Colbaugh.


Find a Grave is not perfect but it lists

Family links:
Susan Colbaugh Rockholt (1838 – 1906)*
George Clinton Colbaugh (1851 – 1916)*
*Calculated relationship

Burial: Cotton Port Cemetery Meigs County Tennessee, USA

Charlotte’s grave was not found.


It surprising to see the progression here. Henry passed away on June 14, 1862. Oddly I (Barry Colbaugh) was born June 14, 1969 and my mother Evelyn Colbaugh passed June 14, 2007. I checked some files sent to me by Bill and Pam Hicks but this lists a Henry C Colbaugh from Carter County Tennessee. Henry was originally from Sullivan County. Henry Franklin I found was buried in Oklahoma but it is so tough to determine if the info is correct.


The names here are interesting for the children. Arthur Harless was my Grandfather. You notice he lived in Ringgold for a time and then went back to Meigs County. M dad was born In Rossville, Ga. and my Grandmother was born in Walker County, Ga. near here. John McClain was a Confederat6e Veteran who died in Catoosa County.


Notice how Samuel Colbaugh died in 1900. He is buried in Tunnel Hill


I found 2 Samuel Colbaugh’s that would make him the correct age as a veteran. My Samule Colbaugh would be 27 is he had entered the war and lived in Meigs County at the time. The other Samuel would have been 37 at the time and he lived in Piey Flatts Sullivan County Tenn.

Colbaugh -Samuel Company D 43rd Regiment Tennessee Infantry (5th EastTennesee Volunteers Gillespie Regimment Regiment mounted about December 1863 and served as mounted Infantry till paroled at Washington, Georgia in May 1865, Enlisted December 30th 1861 in Decatur, November to December 1862 Present, January to February 1862 Present, March to April 1862, present, May to June present, July to August Present, September to October Present, November to December 1862 present, January to February 1863, present, March to April 1863 present Detailed as pioneer but present on muster day, May to June 1863, July to August 1863 Absent, absent without leave, Appears on a Roll of Prisoners of War, paroled at Vicksburg, Mississippi, according to terms of capitulation entered into by the commanding Generals of the United States and Confederate Forces July 4th, 1863,Captured Vicksburg, Mississippi July 4, 1863, Vicksburg, Mississippi, July 9th A.D. 1863 to whom it may concern, know Ye That I Samuel Colbaugh a Corporal of Company D 43rd Regiment Tennessee Volunteers CSA, being a prisoner of war, in the hands of the United States forces, in virtue of the capitulation of the City of Vicksburg and its garrison Lieutenant General John C. Pemberton C.S.A Commanding, on the 4th Day of July, 1863 do in pursuance of the terms of said capitulation, give this my solemn parole under oath – That I will not take up arms against the Untied States, nor serve in any military, police or constabulary force in any fort, Garrison of field work, held by the Confederate States of America, against the United States of America, nor as guard of prisons, depots or stores, nor discharge any duties usually performed by Officers or Soldiers against the United States of America, Samuel Colbaugh, Sworn to and subscribed before me at Vicksburg, Mississippi this 9th Day of July 1863, John Fuller? 20th Regiment Ohio Volunteers, Captain and Paroling officer.

I will contact another friend to help me see the pattern here.. I believe my Henry has the same father which was John Kolbaugh but the family spelled it Colbaugh the original was Henry Kalbach (Colbaugh) who came over on the ship called the Forrest in 1752. I will get it nailed down somehow.