Sandfordsville, Ga. (John Dawson)

Georgia Journal, Madison, Georgia, August 25, 1831

Remember the article from Georgia Journal Madison Georgia August 25, 1831 where we found Sandfordsville in Gwinnett County but the map showed it in Cass County. We see the date and realize the Cherokee Land Lottery of 1832 formed 10 new counties in the North West portion of the state and Cass County was one of those new counties.  But we look closer at John Dawson we find some more. I want to say that the newspapers with the Uncle Remus Library System is very good. Lots of new stuff maybe not so great a user interface but still a great resource.


In the Western Herald, Auraria, Georgia, May 7, 1833 Heres the article that specifically says John Dawson is the postmaster of Sanfordsville and the fact that its in Cass County. Allatoona was not named until the 1840s or 1850s according to Kenneth Krakow Georgia Place Names. Notice the other towns mentioned and the many business’s that welcomes having a post office for the community. Mentioned also is Head of Coosa in Floyd County, Two Runs which is near Cassville. I recognize Chester Hawkes in that area.


Here we find the Western Herald, Auraria, Georgia, August 17, 1833 Here is where John Dawson is owner of the Allatooney Hotel. This is during the Gold Rush to the area advertising a house of entertainment in Allatoona as well. There are many hotels all vying for an opportunity to get business from the miners working on the gold rush. Huntsville, Georgia in Paulding  and of course Auraria near Dahlonega was popular areas. Gladeville and the Glade Mines were mentioned. but those will be other posts. John Dawson a businessman we seeking some of those boarders as well. The Allatoona Mines were near by. Note too that this was before there was a town of Allatoona. That will be another post as well. Of course you also need some libations. A drink at the local tavern after a hard day at mining is welcome. John Moved the post office to this place and it is mentioned here.


Here is another ad mentioning John Dawson . It would be interesting to find some more about him.


Find a Grave has a John Dawson buried at the old Macedonia 1847 Cemetery  and if this is our John Dawson he was born in 1802 making him around 31 when he owned the motel. It shows he passed in 1874. It would be interesting to see his obituary. The same poster of the picture from Find a Grave shares some info about John Zachariah Dawson. The old Cass map indicates that Sandfordsville was in the 4th District in the 1839 map so this may be the same Dawson. Michael Lynn Farrer too the grave picture above and offered the same info.

“1840 Census (June 1840)
District 952, Cass County, Georgia
Zacheriah Dawson
Males – one under 5, 2 one 5-10, one 30-40
Females – one under 5, two 5-10, one 30-40
All free & white

Georgia Pioneer – Newspaper, on 29 Apr 1842
Page 4, column 2: Lot No. 961, 17th District, 3rd Section, with a sawmill situated thereon; also Lot Nos. 955 and 956, 4th District, 3rd Section; levied on as the property of ABRAHAM GREEN to satisfy sundry fi fas in favor of JOHN DAWSON from Cass Superior court; one in favor of BENJAMIN KITCHENS from Cass Superior Court.
Page 4, column (?): Lot Nos. 1283, 1284, 1236, 1238, 21st District, 2nd Section; levied on as the property of JOHN DAWSON to satisfy sundry fi fas from Cass Superior court in favor of MICHEAL O’BRYAN VS JOHN DAWSON and served tenants in possession with notice of levy.”

The Rootsweb site shows John Zachariah Dawson was a farmer .

1850 Census (12 Aug 1850)
Division 12, Cass County, Georgia
Dawson, Zechereah, age 46, M, Farmer, b. SC,
Dawson, Mary, age 46, F, b. SC
Dawson, William, age 21, M, Farmer, b. SC
Dawson, Susan, age 19, F, b. SC
Dawson, Thomas, age 11, M, b. SC
Dawson, Lucy, age 11, F, b. SC
Dawson, Eliza, age 10, F, b. GA
Dawson, Sarah, age 7, F, b. GA

and in May 1861 John Dawson served with the

Confederate Home Guard – “Macedonia Silver Greys” Men in the 851st G. M. district [southwest corner of Cass or Bartow county] organized themselves into a home guard company called the “Macedonia Silver Greys”, at the Macedonia Baptist Church on May 18, 1861, “Dear Sir: The citizens of the vicinity of Macedonia church having organized themselves into a company for home defense(being men mostly not subject to duty) and wishing arms of some sort (through me, their commander) most respectively solicit you to send them swords and pistols for mounted men if you can. If not expedient to do so, send guns of some sort for about 30 men. He later wrote. “If you cannot furnish us with swords and pistols, we are desirous to be supplied with some sort of arms for which (of course) we expect and
are willing to give bond for the forthcoming… I will inform you that we all have accepted our commissions and have taken and subscribed to the oath as required. Very respectfully your obedient servant, Thos. J. Pyle captain of the Macedonia Silver Greys” Everything that is within the quote marks above is a verbatim quote of the article. It was taken from a book which isn’t named, there is a mention of Kingston, GA and a Mrs A E Johnson and that she was responsible for the war history of Kingston being preserved.

The Rootsweb site goes on to mention the last will and testament of John Dawson leaving his land to his wife Mary Dawson. Also mentioned is John and Mary were married in 1829 in South Carolina. I am not proof positive that this is the same John Dawson but we will keep digging.




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