Sandfordsville, Georgia



From the Etowah Valley Historical Society website, “Sanfordsville is found on a map from The American Atlas (London, J. Arrowsmith, 1839). It appears to be in southeast Cass (now Bartow) County, however the map is not specific enough to denote an exact location. Post office listings for Cass (now Bartow) County show a Sandfordville post office operating between 1831 and 1838. The spelling of Sanfordsville (map) vs Sandfordville (post office) is close but could be two entirely different locations. Please contact the Etowah Valley Historical Society with any additional information about Sanfordsville. ”

So we search for other references to Sandfordsville and we see the post office mentioned in old newspapers such as Athens and Milledgeville in the 1838 papers

12346586_10206969537095838_545915306201132095_nThe list from the Southern Banner, Aug. 11, 1838 points to a stop on the stage from Lawrenceville. Pickneyville is in Forsyth County, Marshalltown (1838-1841) is also in Forsyth County, Lebanon, Georgia is a Cherokee County community that is now absorbed into Holly Springs. While the community is locally known and still referred to as Toonigh. (from Wikipedia) and Sandfordsville which we believe is in Bartow then Cass County.

If we go to a US Post Office site

and search for Sanfordsville we find it is listed in Gwinnett County.


In a list of 1833 Post Offices the towns o from Lawrenceville in Gwinnett by Pickneyville, then Sandfordsville, Two Runs is referring to Two Run Creek in Bartow County as is Alatona. Head of Coosa is in Floyd County and Bennettsville  is possibly in Alabama.

Sandfordsville is mentioned in the Adeil Sherwood’s gazetteer of Georgia for 1837.

We get the most details as newspapers list from June to September 1838 in the Southern Banner with a listing of stage proposals for delivering mail. Also the same listings in the Federal Union newspapers from Milledegville.

Georgia Journal, Madison, Georgia, August 25, 1831

Here may be the best evidence that Sandfordsville was in Gwinnett County. From Georgia Journal, Madison, Georgia, August 25, 1831. We know Hightower refers to the Etowah.

I immediately think of a sandy ford through which you cross a river. I also imagine the Chattahoochee but the Etowah does have its share of sandy banks. More to consider however is this. In 1831 technically Cass County did not exist. The Cherokee Land Lottery occurred in 1832 and Cass County along with 10 other counties were formed. The Map Above was formed in 1839 and as with other counties shifted boundaries in 1831 the town may have been in Gwinnett. We could look at a 1831 map off Gwinnett.

1833 map Detail from Society for the Diffusion of Useful Knowledge‘s map of Georgia, 1833. (Library of Congress)

So we cant see Sandfordsville but we have an idea Gwinnett County was bounded by the Chattahoochee. The other map above does not have the scale we need to determine exactly where the town was located. Still very interesting to note. I have read a story from Judge john Stevens Heard when he spoke of Sandy Springs, Georgia being in Henry County which is now the north end of Fulton near Cobb County and he lived near the Chattahoochee at what was known as Isom’s (Isham) ferry during the war and later Heards Ferry for John Heard.


Just as many towns passed with the postal deliveries, to the stage coach to the railroad and today the highway and even under the shopping center Sandfordsville has been lost too us. Perhaps John Dawson, post master, might shed some light on the mystery.







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