John (Johnny) Colbaugh

The Chattanooga Times; Chattanooga, TN; 20 Dec 1979; pg A19

John COLBAUGH, 53, of Jonesboro, GA
Died Tuesday at a Jonesboro hospital
Survivors: mother Mrs Edith Lucile COLBAUGH; 4 sisters Mrs Doris DEMOUS, Mrs Ruby Lee JONES, Mrs. Jerry VALLIJO, and Mrs. Katheryne Naomi YOUNG; 3 brothers Earl, Luther and Ralph COLBAUGH
Arrangements by Lane Funeral Home, Inc

This is my uncle Johnny. He had tuberculosis when he passed. I heard stories he was just sitting at a table and fell over. My only ghost story involved him. Johnny was a prankster and laughed a lot. On the day he passed we were living in Euharlee. I woke up and found him lying at the foot of my bed. I thought this was nothing strange as he may have staggered in and laid down. I got up and told my parents who were watching television in the other room. I told them about Johnny and they told me he had passed. I went back to the room and he was gone. I remember the ladies that he worked with at a laundry clothes cleaning company. When the had a get together at the hospital they wept for him severely.


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