Cassville Monument in need of Resroration.

flagcassvilleCassville Markercassville frontChips

This is the Cassville Monument located in the Cassville Cemetery off Shinall Gaines Road in Cassville, Georgia. The historic marker was made in 1878 by the Ladies Memorial Association at a cost of around $900 dollars. It is made of brick with 4 marble tablets around the side.   Its size is about 450′ high with the base 20′ with inscriptions that impressed me as I am sure they will impress you, “Is it death to fall for Freedom’s cause?” and another,  “It is better to have fought and lost, than not to have fought at all”  or “Rest in peace our own Southern Braves, you loved liberty more than life.” Another inscription found of the base states “Dedicated to the memory of our Southern heroes, by the Ladies Memorial Association of Cassville, Georgia A. D. 1878.

As you can see the monument has seen better days. Teenagers have taken shots at the back of the monument with a rifle. Much like the Big Chicken in Marietta it seems to have a skin condition. The monument is not solid marble but rather brick with the marble plaques. Vandals generally target the flag on the pole to the left. Several graves throughout the cemetery has also been damaged including that of Warren Akin Confederate Congressman. other groups have taken concern like Bartow Ancestors and Dan Wade whom I give credit for the photos above. The Georgia Building Authority maintains the 300 or so unknown soldiers graves. They used to put flags on the graves until last year. I assume political correctness will play a part in this. I have contacted Rhino Hide a local company for a quote but they did not want attempt the job. The GBA has taken down the information and pictures sent and we may get a response soon with some follow up.

Some time back an avid  Bartow County Historian got a quote for the marker restoration and the price was around $27,000. I would hop the price would be cheaper. The Kingston marker looks a lot better and I need to investigate the costs there. With the combined efforts of several we may restore the monument to its former self for years to come. I was hoping a space age solution might be out there for the monument to last a century or more. one can only hope.

Reference :

Cartersville Centennial Edition (1972) Cassville Cemetery: one of best-known landmarks By LAMAR WEAVER

Pictures by Dan Wade Bartow Ancestors


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