Oak Grove Elementary

Oak Grove Elementary 1971

Oak Grove Elementary 1971

Oak Grove

Oak Grove

Oak Grove School 1930

Oak Grove School 1930

Back during elementary school I started in Midway Elementary in a community called Midway located Midway between Alpharetta and Cumming in Forsyth County. Our family moved to Payne Mobile Home Park and I finished my last year of elementary School in Cherokee County near Acworth at a school called Oak Grove. Here is a description from Wikipedia

“Oak Grove is the unincorporated community surrounding the area of southern Cherokee County, Georgia, United States, near the intersection of Bells Ferry Road (former Georgia 205) and Georgia 92. Some maps instead center it at 92 and Wade Green Road, just to the west.

The name is no longer commonly used to refer to the surrounding area. The United States Postal Service designated Oak Grove as part of Acworth for mailing purposes with the creation of the ZIP Code system in the 1960s, and the Oak Grove identity slowly began to disappear with suburbanization. The “Acworth” designation is despite being immediately west of Woodstock (and closest to its main post office), and not much further northeast of Kennesaw. Acworth is much further than either one, and is nearly on the opposite side of Kennesaw, both of which are also across the county line in Cobb instead of Cherokee.

The formerly volunteer Oak Grove Fire Department is now part of the professional Cherokee County system. The only original vestiges remaining of the community are Oak Grove Elementary School, one of the oldest in the state, and the Oak Grove Station of the United States Postal Service. Several neighborhoods near the school have Oak Grove in their names, but these are late arrivals and didn’t exist before the area was designated as Acworth by the United States Postal Service.”

Oak Grove Elementary is located off Hwy 92 along with Rolling Hills Cemetery where my Father Harless Ralph Colbaugh is buried. So in a sense I will always have ties to this area. I remember back in the day when travelling salesmen came to the Payne MHP where we lived and sold my parents two plots in a perpetual care cemetery. It was a time when although my parents were working money was still a struggle. My first and last year at Oak Grove I remember it was difficult to fit in. I remember one girl with the last name Gable. I heard she was in the Cherokee County Historical Society. I remember being kinda hidden, kinda unknown. It was not till I made it to middle school I was noticed at E.T. Booth Middle. But that is another story.


Pictures from Cherokee Tribune Newspaper

1930 Oak Grove Pictures from Bartow Ancestors.


2 thoughts on “Oak Grove Elementary

  1. Any idea where this original building stood? i had an elderly lady ring my door bell months ago looking for this version of oak grove but my house is off 92 across from the cemetery. she told me she had a map but regretfully i didnt look at it. i really wish i would have.

    • I am not sure about the building she spoke of either. I remember an old house across the street in the field I went to Oak Grove my last year of Elementary school. My best guess would be to look at census records for the district where they went down one side of the street and then the other.

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