The Space Shuttle Challenger and 9/11. What I remember about that day.

Two of the events I remember clearly in life was the Space Shuttle Disaster and the events on.9/11. Of course, at the time, I did not seem like that big an event. I was 16 in 1986, I was going to Etowah High School in Woodstock, Georgia. My parents had moved to Euharlee, Ga as we previously lived in a trailer park in nearby Acworth. While living in the trailer park, I met Doug Pazstak who hired me to do odd jobs around his home. He created his own dog kennel called ,”A PETS PLACE.” I hauled 34 tons of gravel between two sides of the kennel by wheel barrow. I helped Doug run the kennel and in return he let me stay at his house to finish school at Etowah. I also stayed to help with the kennel. For a reason I cant remember I did not go to school that day. I was in the upstairs bedroom where they let me stay. I turned on the TV Set and watched the space shuttle launch on the news and saw the smoke trails on the screen. The TV went silent as if nobody knew what happened. No comments, no panic, just silence and a lot of confusion. I might have been upset but I wasn’t aware of what happened. Just what looked to be chem trails of smoke and then maybe a hour later they began to explain what happened. I remembered the teacher on the flight and wondered what it was like for her students who were surely watching the events unfold. One of my stranger days indeed. The image on the TV screen is still there.

The next big event was just as subtle but big nonetheless. It was 15 years later on September 11, 2001. I was working for the power company in the electrical apparatus department. My specialty was repairing electronic regulator panels. These panels control large oil filled regulators that keep the voltage in your home around 123 volts .I worked with a college professor who left education to work for the power company, a Mr. Kelly Daughterly. Together Kelly and I travelled out to what was called the Five Points Substation #15 to replace a couple of regulator panels and retire the old ones from the field. The unique thing was how quiet it was. No planes in the sky with maybe a few chem trails from planes but no other noise. We travelled back to the office and Elaine, the receptionist called us on the radio and said a plane had hit a building. I imagined a little Cessna sticking out a window of a skyscraper. We went upstairs and turned on the news and watched the entire scene. Later that day we had to go back out into the field. Kelly was concerned about war and the potential of his son being drafted. We talked and talked with so much uncertainty about what would happen next. I always thought Lockheed in Marietta would be a target for terrorists. At the time was not up on local news or events. My focus soon changed after that.

Space ShuttleChallenger

Space ShuttleChallenger



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