Sunday Morning TV

One of my most fondest memories when I was younger was the only time we were interested in TV and not playing outside was Sunday nights. It was a time when everyone was there. My mom, dad and my nieces and nephews who came to visit Amy, Jeff and Bubba (Julian). P.S. almost every southern family has a Bubba. He just wanted to be called Bubba. We lived at 8816 East Borne Drive in Jonesboro, Georgia not far from the Flint River. There were a few programs my parents instead on watching which was the news WSB Channel 2. The next program was the Gospel Jubilee which was a colorful group of gospel singers. It was a program that seemed to have the colors of the flower children of the Sixties set to gospel music. Following that was Mutual of Omaha’s Wild Kingdom with Marlin Perkins and Big Jim. Jim seemed to get the short end of the stick on that program. Marlin would announce Jim was going to jump from a helicopter into a heard of wildebeests. Jim also tried to rope an ocelot with a long stick and a rope. That cat wasn’t having that and slapped the stick and rope out of his hands. You certainly need insurance from Mutual of Omaha to do what Jim did.

The next program was the Lawrence Welk Show which was another singing program like Gospel Jubilee. We hated that show but had to sit through it to watch what we wanted. Just to aggregate mom and dad we would loudly sing the Good Night Song as it went off.” Good Night Sleep Tight and May Your dreams come true…. and then finally the Walt Disney Program came on. We always wanted to go to Walt Disney World but never had the money. The show began with Tinker Bell waving her wand to starts the program. A television should not hold a lot of fondness. Today we have over 300 channels and nothing on. I do remember it was one of the time we ate and sat together with family.


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