On the set of “Sweet Home Alabama”

Scene: The Set of the Movie Sweet Home Alabama
Location: The Battles for Atlanta in Covington, Georgia at the Georgia International Horse Park
Setting: Henry, Raymond and Barry – Re enactors are repeating many scenes in the movie but are not getting paid anything.

I say, “How long is this gonna last? We walked this hill five times already.”
Raymond replies, “We are going to have to fire the artillery soon.”

Each time we repeat a scene an actor, shouts at Reese Witherspoon, “JESUS CHRIST, HES YOUR COUSIN!!!” Suddenly the scene changes up with a different line, as we repeat walking up and down the hill. The actor then pushes Reese Witherspoon away and shouts, ” I DON’T EVEN KNOW YOU ANYMORE!!!.

Suddenly we are called to the cannons for a firing scene. Raymond says, “Henry’s calling us lets go!.” I replied, “Are we done with the scene.” I didn’t care really, but a directors assistant begs us to stay. We pointed to the guns and kept on moving.

As we prepared to fire the guns, we can still hear the actors shouting in the distance,”I DON”T KNOW YOU ANY MORE!!” We load the cannon with a charge and just before we prepare to fire I shouted, “YES YOU DO, ITS JESUS CHRIST!!!!” I heard the director shout, “CUT!!!” Soon after Henry shouts the order to fire, several cannons fire in succession with a deafening boom that sets off car alarms in the distance and covers the entire field with a dense fog of powder smoke. Thus ended the movie shoot for the day

Reese Witherspoon in Sweet Home Alabama from IGN.com

Reese Witherspoon in Sweet Home Alabama from IGN.com


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