Andersonville Update

Andersonville Station – South of Acworth | photo, 1949

Marietta Daily Journal September 30 2014

      From the news above it appears the historic remnants of Andersonville is gone. A lot of friends are angry with the Cobb County Commissioners for removing this historic Cobb Landmark. Here are some notes from friends,. “There was zoning Changes – no variance – so no public hearing and Mr. Hosack determined “technically” they was no need to perform research or due diligence and/or have a public hearing. Also, since a less than 5 year term historic planner staffer determined based on her visit and photos, it was of no historic value – that it was built in 1920s (HA) it was NOT on the agenda at the monthly County Historical Planning and Sites meeting” An another Statement, ” It sounds to me like they searched for a loophole to CYA, after community outcry over this travesty. The “Preservation Planner” could have easily learned of its significance and should have been aware of resources available showing it. I would have assumed the word “preservation” in their title should make them the concerned guardians of potential historical homes. Also, I am disturbed by the “technicality/rezoning” statement by CCDD Rob Hosack. Someone, hint, hint, in CCDD needs to assure this doesn’t happen again, by closing that loophole or technicality. There should be no excuse available for this type loss. I don’t know who the planner is that took the photos and decided its age and I don’t wish to get personal. However, that position should be either filled by someone familiar with the region and if necessary ask for assistance from local historians or citizens. I think Cobb County should have to make a significant donation to the Acworth Depot project because of the history lost when they demolished that building. That can’t be regained ever, so they should forfeit something, if nothing else, severely admonish the Preservation Planner or demote them into a lesser position where they can’t make critical mistakes. Pitiful.” 

This makes Andersonville truly one of the lost cities of Georgia. History is disappearing at the speed of Government.