Death Record of George Clinton Colbaugh

Death Record of George Clinton Colbaugh

The Chattanooga Times; Chattanooga, TN; 17 Mar 1916, pg 3 George COLBAUGH died yesterday at 2 o?clock at his home on Forty-seventh Street, Rossville, GA. He is survived by six children – Mrs B L DUNNING, Will COLBAUGH, Mrs. Olar PARMER, Mrs, Susie CILINGWORTH, Arthur COLBAUGH and Mrs. Alice COLBAUGH. Funeral services will take place at the home this afternoon at 2 o?clock. Burial will be in White Oak Cemetery.

I have heard about Alice Colbaugh, which was Arthur’s sister. William Colbaugh I beleive moved to the Catoosa and Tunnel Hill Area. George was a merchant and may have owned a store that Arthur did deliveries for but not 100 % certain. It is interesting to note that George lived at 47th Street Rossville as did Arthur as listed on Arthur'”s registration card.



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