Henry and Polly Colbaugh Sullivan County, Tennessee

Henry Colbaugh age 54 Occupation: Farmer

Polly 44

Jennifer 11

Geo. Clinton 9

Henry F. 8

John W. 2

1840 Sullivan County, TN Film M704 Roll 535 pages 99A & B and 101 A & B.

So listed above we find George Clinton Colbaugh at the Age of 9. two brothers Henry F at age 8 and John W at the age of 2. An older sister at the age of 11.

Research was conducted at the McClung Historical Library in Knoxville, Tennessee. Enclosed are the census records for the Colbaugh family.
by  Jody L. Zorsch East Tennessee Genealogy Research 386 Brewstertown Road Sunbright, TN 37872 e-mail: jzorsch@infoave.net

I would definitely think of hiring this lady again as she found some excellent results for me. I am interested in George as a merchant. If this year is 1840 then at 1850 he would be 19 and by 1860 he would have been 29.


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