The Kellogg Mine


As you can see from the picture this is what some of the mines looked like at Payne and Kellogg Mines. This book is excellent with lots of details in regard to mine around the county. 


Here is another picturesque shot of the mining along the Etowah Creek. Mills like this could be seen along Sixes Road and the Sixes mine is mentioned. 

 The Kellogg mine is mentioned is on lot 1113 in the 15th District. Kelpin Community is located in the 21st District. The book says gold was found a creek that runs trough the lot and the bottom has been worked ever since. The article mentions the property has been thoroughly mined but occasionally nuggets are found. Some years back a New York Company exposed a compact vein of light colored quartz of two feet thickness dipped with country rock,. One ore sample was given at 125 ounces, $2.50 per gold ton. The property is said to adjoin the Williams Property witch is in District 21 lot 1120. Two samples came from the property but it was considered difficult to mine in conducting water to the elevated portions of the placer. A number of veins were discovered on the property.

The Georgiana Mine located in the Southwestern portion of Cherokee County which is probably more associated with Kelpin located in lot 958 in the 21st District. Many veins were located near the head waters of Fox creek. and many tunnels and shafts were located at various points on the ridge. Mentioned on the property is a Huntington Mill operated by a twenty five horsepower engine using water from one of the shafts on the property. The mill has the capacity of one half too two tons per day. Lot 959 Mentions the Tripp Property nearby. located within a few yards of the Acworth Road. It mentions the Kitchens and Stansill Property apparently the area is rich with gold veins. 




1. A Preliminary Report on a Part of the Gold Deposits of Georgia, Issue 4, Part 1  By William Smith Yeates, Samuel Washington McCallie, Francis Plaisted King


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