Kelpin, Georgia

Kelpin, Georgia

Kelpin Post Office

The photo above is courtesy of the Cherokee Historical Society particularly Mrs. Lisa Hillhouse Tressler. I want to take a side note here and mention a close friend of mine I worked with at Cobb EMC in Marietta, Georgia and that was Mr. Jack Hillhouse. Jack and I worked in the meter shop together installing new installations on buildings. We stopped stories about fishing and other goings on. Jack and his family lived in Cherokee County near Sixes road and the Hillhouse grocery, a family member owned. Lisa is his daughter and by mere coincidence I contacted her. Jack passed away in 2005 which I am sure was a great loss to his family. He was truly a good man and a great friend.

The information shared in a PDF reveals the first postmaster but it also reveals a place where I can look for more detail which is the 1889 State Gazetteer. The Postmaster was Joseph C. Kelpin and notice too the name was changed to Kellogg just as the Kellogg mine. Kelpin was located in the 21st District of Cherokee County.


The details provided say Kelpin is located 10 miles from Marietta, 6 Miles to Kennesaw, 8 miles to Acworth, 5 1/2 miles from Woodstock and 5 miles form Cherokee Mills. It is actually father away from Acworth than expected which would not be Baker road near Kennesaw and Acworth. I forget that Cobb County includes Town Center Mall and Bascomb Road area is closer too Cobb County than expected. I would still love to visit the actual site of Kelpin possibly an older home used as a post office i the structure still exists. It is also near the Railroad so it is just difficult to picture. Until I find more info….


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