Earl Colbaugh

Earl Colbaugh

Earl Colbaugh served on on the USS Saratooga during World War II as a cook. His brothers were Harless Ralph, John (Johnny) and Luther Baye Colbaugh.


Henry and Polly Colbaugh Sullivan County, Tennessee

Henry Colbaugh age 54 Occupation: Farmer

Polly 44

Jennifer 11

Geo. Clinton 9

Henry F. 8

John W. 2

1840 Sullivan County, TN Film M704 Roll 535 pages 99A & B and 101 A & B.

So listed above we find George Clinton Colbaugh at the Age of 9. two brothers Henry F at age 8 and John W at the age of 2. An older sister at the age of 11.

Research was conducted at the McClung Historical Library in Knoxville, Tennessee. Enclosed are the census records for the Colbaugh family.
by  Jody L. Zorsch East Tennessee Genealogy Research 386 Brewstertown Road Sunbright, TN 37872 e-mail: jzorsch@infoave.net

I would definitely think of hiring this lady again as she found some excellent results for me. I am interested in George as a merchant. If this year is 1840 then at 1850 he would be 19 and by 1860 he would have been 29.

Death Record of George Clinton Colbaugh

Death Record of George Clinton Colbaugh

The Chattanooga Times; Chattanooga, TN; 17 Mar 1916, pg 3 George COLBAUGH died yesterday at 2 o?clock at his home on Forty-seventh Street, Rossville, GA. He is survived by six children – Mrs B L DUNNING, Will COLBAUGH, Mrs. Olar PARMER, Mrs, Susie CILINGWORTH, Arthur COLBAUGH and Mrs. Alice COLBAUGH. Funeral services will take place at the home this afternoon at 2 o?clock. Burial will be in White Oak Cemetery.

I have heard about Alice Colbaugh, which was Arthur’s sister. William Colbaugh I beleive moved to the Catoosa and Tunnel Hill Area. George was a merchant and may have owned a store that Arthur did deliveries for but not 100 % certain. It is interesting to note that George lived at 47th Street Rossville as did Arthur as listed on Arthur'”s registration card.


1930 Census Records

Name: Arthur Colbaugh
Titles and Terms:  
Event Type: Census
Event Year: 1930
Event Place: Rossville, Walker, Georgia, United States
District: 0016
Gender: Male
Age: 39
Marital Status: Married
Race: White
Race (Original): White
Relationship to Head of Household: Head
Relationship to Head of Household (Original): Head
Birth Year (Estimated): 1891
Birthplace: Tennessee
Immigration Year:  
Father’s Birthplace: Tennessee
Mother’s Birthplace: Tennessee
Sheet Number and Letter: 16B
Household ID: 323
Line Number: 53
Affiliate Name: The U.S. National Archives and Records Administration (NARA)
Affiliate Publication Number: T626
Affiliate Film Number: 390
GS Film number: 2340125
Digital Folder Number: 004532006
Image Number: 00996
  Household Gender Age Birthplace
Head Arthur Colbaugh M 39 Tennessee
Wife Lucile Colbaugh F 28 Georgia
Daughter Ruby Lee Colbaugh F 10 Tennessee
Son Harlis R Colbaugh M 8 Tennessee
Son Earl Colbaugh M 6 Tennessee
Son John Colbaugh M 3 Georgia
Daughter Cathryn Colbaugh F 0 Georgia

Luther Baye Colbaugh and Cleo Cristopher Colbaugh

Luther Baye Colbaugh 1934 – 2002  Luther was born on March 13, 1934. Luther died on January 19, 2002 at 67 years old., Jan 19, 2002 – Mr. Luther Baye Colbaugh, 67, of Mableton Parkway, Mableton, died 

Cleo Christopher Colbaugh, 80, of Atlanta, passed away Feb. 8 in Rome. She was retired from Grady Hospital medical records department after 38 years of service. She was preceded in death by her husband, Luther Colbaugh; parents, Robert Alonzo and Delia Breedlove Christopher; brother, Cleve Christopher; sisters, Edna Pearl Christopher, Lucille Hurst and Miles Christopher. Survivors include her daughters and sons-in-law, Lucy and Tim Garlin of Rome, Melissa and Ralph Williams of Calhoun; son and daughter-in-law, Gary and Susan Christopher of Douglasville; sisters, Myra Perry of Rossville, Bernice Sullivan of Summerville; brothers, Willis Christopher and Chuck Christopher both of Trenton; twelve grandchildren and one great-grandchildren; several nieces and nephews. Funeral services will be held Feb. 12 at 1 p.m. in the Moore Funeral Home Chapel with Bro. Darrell McGinnis and Bro. Mark Dwiggins officiating. Interment was in Lake Hills Memorial Gardens. The family will receive friends from 4 p.m. until 7 p.m. Feb. 10, from 5 p.m. until 8 p.m. Feb. 11 and from 11 a.m. until 1 p.m. Feb. 12. 
Arrangements by Moore Funeral Home,Trenton.


Luther and Cleo had two children Melissa and Lucy. Luther Baye was Harless Ralphs (My Dad’s Brother) He did a variety of jobs> Luther’s birth date at 1934 would have put him at the age of 10 in 1944 when the World War Two Draft was on. Earl and Harless served with my dad in the army at Fort Orr and Earl in the Navy on the USS Saratoga. Luther stuck to painting and eventually found work doing building maintenance. One event that happened in Luther’s life involved the June 1989 fire at  1718-1720 Peachtree Street. The fire was a major news event with 5 people dead and 25 injured. Luther knew the electricians who was refusing the panel that started the fire.


Luther shared one of his business cards with me as Filter Man. He was capable of securing many business accounts as a contractor replacing air filters and maintaining commercial buildings. Considering during the time many buildings would hire contractors to handle some simple maintenance. 

Cleo Colbaugh was a nurse for many years. She was retired from Grady Hospital medical records department after 38 years of service. Luther said he was going to write a book called My Wife My Hero as I am sure he thought of her that way. I will try to find some pictures of Cleo and Luther if I can. 

Evelyn Lou Forrister Colbaugh

Evelyn Lou Forrister Colbaugh

This is my mom Evelyn Colbaugh and she is at a nursing home in Liburn, Georgia. Mom was born in Michigan but spent almost all of her life in Georgia. Specifically in Esom Hill and Cedartown in Polk County. Many of her family lived in Alabama and right along the Polk county line. My Mom lived through the depression like my father.

Here is her obituary

Evelyn Colbaugh

Died June 14, 2007, Evelyn Colbaugh, 77, of Lawrenceville died Thursday. Complete arrangements will be announced by Flanigan Funeral Home, Buford. The Times, Gainesville, Ga., June 16, 2007


Evelyn Colbaugh, age 77, of Lawrenceville, GA, passed away June 14, 2007. Service and Arrangements will be announced later by Junior E. Flanigan of Flanigan Funeral Home and Crematory of Buford, GA, 770-932-1133, http://www.flaniganfuneralhome.com.

From the Gwinnett Daily Post

She was born May 4, 1930, My birth certificate indicates she was at the age of 39 when she had me on June the 14th, 1969. It also indicates she was born in Alabama but she told me she was born in Michigan. My sister Janice was born in Cleburne County Alabama. Her first husbands name was Joe Porter but he was killed in a hit and run accident. My told told me Joe would get drunk and  abuse her. Her relationship was pretty rough.




This is a slightly older picture of my mom and dad. I take after my mom more with her hair. She took on caring for my nieces and nephews. not all pictured but there was me, Jeff, Amy and Jamette. The year I was born and the place where my mom and dad met was at 743 Ponce De Leon Apartment 5, Atlanta, Ga. 30306. My parents were married September 8th, 1968. Interestingly they got married in Buchanan, Georgia in Haralson County



Sorry for all the picks. So much data to insert.

So basically how could I describe mom to you. She was brought up in some very difficult times. Her Fathers name was Jesse Forrister and her mothers name was Puckett. She had brothers Stan, Steve Norbert and Georgia and a sister named Gloria. My mom told me about how her father came in from working at a saw mill one day and he was shaking uncontrollably from the cold. She promised as a little girl she would work so he wouldn’t have too. She grew up in Cedartown working at several mills and raising her daughters and son one of which was the Arrow Shirt Mill. I am not sure what brought her to Atlanta. Maybe the promise of work and maybe a new opportunity. At any rate she raised several children. She met my father and took up house painting as a trade. She eventually bought her own property in Euharlee at 112 Milam Bridge Road. Diabetes and a terrible back pain caused her a lot of grief not to mention a son who never really grew up. My dad passed on in 1993 from diabetes complications and pneumonia after his leg amputation. My mom passed several years later in 2007.

Sadly I did not keep the property up as well as I could have. I got married and sold the property later on. A move I have regretted ever since. My mom left me the only piece of property she owned and I could have left something for my daughter but that ship has sailed. I did get the opportunity to tell my mom I LOVE YOU before she passed. She is still holds a large part of my family memory. I still miss miss her.


sorry I was not more responsible.


Lucille Edith McClain Colbaugh

Lucille McClain Colbaugh

This is the obituary for my grandmother Mrs Lucille, Edith McClain Colbaugh. She was born September 8th, 1898 in Walker County Lafayette, Georgia. Her father was John McClain, a lieutenant in the 3rd Tennessee Mounted Infantry and his picture is posted on the wall of the Rossville, Georgia Order of the Eastern Star Masonic Lodge. Below is his record.

John McClain

This record shows where he enlisted as a private and others show he enlisted at Maryville, Tennessee. Other details are ..

“John McClain- Private Company E 3rd Mounted Infantry Lillards, from Enlisted May 2nd 1861, Maryville under Captain McRamey for 1 year May 1 to December 31 1863 Present, June to August 1864 Present, Appears on a Roll of Prisoners of War, paroled at Vicksburg, Missippi, according to terms of capitulation entered into by the commanding Generals of the United States and Confederate Forces July 4th, 1863, Captured Vicksburg, Mississippi July 4, 1863, J. McClain Lieutenant Company 3, 3rd Tennessee Cavalry appears on a receipt roll for clothing September 20th, 1864 ligature John McClain”

This made Lucille his youngest daughter what is known today as a Real Daughter of a Confederate Veteran just one generation away. This post is more about my grandmother. My earliest memory of here is my parents would go and play BINGO at the Veterans of Foreign Wars Hall. Sometimes I spent an entire weekend with her when my parents had a paint job. On occasion my two cousins Melissa and Lucy, (Luther’s children) would visit and it was all my grandmother could do to keep us entertained. At one time Lucille lived off East Borne Drive in Jonesboro and then she moved to the Tara Boulevard Apartments and she lived there for several years. The apartments was where I visited her but it was not a very safe place. The Jehovah’s Witnesses would come by an pay her a visit a lot to share Watchtower magazines and to talk. My grandmother enjoyed their company. My grandmother at the time had her son Johnny living with her. I will share more about him later. She was a frail woman, short and she had a hump on her back which looked painful but she never complained of it. At the time she liked Burton Snuff and dipped it by the spoonful. I remember she had several of these multicolored snuff glasses used for drinking. Johnny slept up stairs in the apartment and my grandmother slept on the ground floor where it was easier to get around.

My grandmother would encourage me to eat butter beans saying butterflies would follow me if I did. She had some many stories like Big Clod and Little Clod. Of course they were from Tennessee where all her stories came from. Most of the stories went like this. Big Clod picked on Little Clod a lot as they were brothers. One day Little Clod had accidentally cut off his grandmas head. ( Somehow my grandmother knew this appealed to me) Little Clod knew his brother would be angry so he cleaned grandma up and placed her head back on with a ribbon tied around her neck. Little Clod placed grandma in a buggy and took her to the store to get some pork and beans. Big Clod showed up, rummaged through the buggy and opened the pork and beans and suddenly became very angry as there was no pork inside. He confronted Little Clod, who knew Big Clod would take his anger our on him. Big Clod shouted at his grandma and of course she did not respond. This only made Big Clod enraged. Little Clod asked his grandmother to speak up. She still did not respond. Big Clod let go of his rage and punched grandma knocking her head clear off. Big Clod ran away in fear of what he had done and never returned to bother Little Clod again. She told more girlish stories to Lucy and Melissa. She left the good stuff for me.

My grandmother passed away with cancer. I did not notice she was sick until she was moved from Jonesboro to Rome so that Catherine and Doris could keep a better eye on her. Johnny had passed away with tuberculosis. She had no one to watch here. The apartments were not without troubles. My grandmother cut coupons from a sale paper that actually liked like money. A stranger appeared at the door posing as a salesman. my grandmother left the door cracked a bit and then left to another room. She came back to find her purse was gone and went to the door. She saw the man as he ran away grabbing the fake bills in confusion and eventually threw the purse down. She laughed at her ruse. I knew my grandmother must have had social security or some disability payment. Her daughters decision to move her to Rome for safe keeping did not bode well for my grandmother. She lived in Jonesboro for so long she became attached to it. I believed my grandmother would have lived forever but life in Rome was too much for her. She slipped away.