A Place called Kelpin


What would be interesting about this place. Well I used to live in the Payne Community not far from there. Kellogg Creek Road was part of that. I saw Kelpin on these old Gold Maps and thought I may have wandered there. Priest Road comes to mind. If you notice this little sliver on the map first is the militia district known as Bells for Bells Ferry. on the other side is the Woodstock district. Woodstock was mentioned in Sir Walter Scott’s book Woodstock or Cavalier. Woodstock was so named because they stocked wood here and trains would stop to refuel and take on water. So what about Kelpin. I remember seeing a gold map about this place. I also remember reading some of Martins History of Cherokee County as this being an early post office. The dark swath you see is where the gold belt is located. I do remember the woods of Payne with large hole where it was rumored they mined gold. Kelpin is also located in this swath.


After some browsing with Google I found someone with a family member who was born in Kelpin. This mans name was John D, Sargent born on 14 Apr 1859, Sarah E. SARGENT was born in 26 Jun 1856 and Rosalia C. SARGENT was born 11 Apr 1867. Their parents were Captain William Cannon Sargent and his wife was Sarah Elizabeth HENDON Sargent who died in Kelpin on 4 Aug 1886 in Kelpen, Cherokee, Georgia. William Pinkney SARGENT was born in Kelpin on 11 Nov 1845. Another site mentions Sarah E. Boring who died in Kelpen, Georgia. . All of these Sargent’s who died in Kelpin are buried at Carmel Baptist Church Cemetery and some went to Utah.


Kelpen is pictured here again in this 1899 Map from  The University of Georgia. Another mining book mentions George Frederick Hesselmeyer is located at Kelpen, Georgia as a mining engineer. George was from Germany and became a naturalized citizen in St Louis Missouri in 1870. The mining bulletin mentions the Kellogg mine located at lot 1113 21st district. A number of shafts or pits were dug. Note: Just like at Payne, Georgia. The bulletin says the productive portions have been worked out. It mentions Hesselmeyer resides on the property in 1901. From the notes Hesselmeyer did not have a lot of success. His past was more associated with zinc mines in Missouri. The Payne, Kendrick, Randall and House properties are mentioned and the notes says these areas were worked before the Civil War. Stories from Herbert G. Holland tell of Cherokee Indians who mined gold and traded at Payne. We don’t have a lot of details about Kelpen from the mines that were there or specifically where the post office was located.


This is the store in the Payne Community. The mines are located down of New Hope Road just before you get to the Bartow County Line.

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4 thoughts on “A Place called Kelpin

  1. I believe a 2 Great Grandmother of mine was Sarah F Sargent, born in Kelpin in 1856, and was married to Virgil Simpson of Woodstock. His father was Baylis Simpson.

    • Interesting. I found this online. I lived near there but wondered where it was. I saw it on many quadange maps and researched further. many Sergeants are buried at Mt. Carmel Church.

  2. Rosalie Sargent was my 2nd great grandmother. I’ve been looking for more information on William Cannon Sargent and his military career. I also read that he held public office but no other details.

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