The Thousand Acre Wood

Surely you have heard of the Hundred Acre Woods where Winnie the Pooh lived but have you heard of the Thousand Acre Woods. When I lived in Cherokee County almost to the Bartow County line I lived off Kellogg Creek Road. I went to school at Oak Grove Elementary, E.T. Both Middle and for a time Etowah High School. I went to school with friends like Raymond Gossett and Steve Carroll. I remember a time when a pig or hog was running around the property at E.T. Booth Middle , a pack of dogs and the school security guard tried to chase it. The pig turned and chased the dogs who were yelping and crying. At any rate, between E.T. Booth and Chapman Elementary these was an undeveloped dirt road. That is where the pig seemed to come from.  On one side of the road was a sewage treatment facility. The road led from the schools, across a bridge over the Noonday Creek and over to a place just below the then New I-575 and into downtown Woodstock.

I lived in what was technically Acworth which by car was about fourteen miles form Woodstock down Hwy 92. Walking was my only mode of transportation during my teen years and I traveled to many friends house and church all on foot. One way to cut the distance traveled was by crossing Lake Allatoona. When the lake was down you could walk down Atlanta Yacht Club Road Cross the lake and bee at Red Top mountain State Park in half the time it would take to travel down New Hope Road and Glade Road to the Park. This was not without risks as one time I crossed an stepped on a glass bottle buried in mud and cut my foot open. I walked to a camp site at the Red Top Mountain State park and met a camper who wrapped my foot in a towel and brought me to the rangers station where I first encountered a park ranger who would be a future teacher at Floyd now Georgia Highlands College, whose name was Mr. Bishop. I waited with him until my parents came and took me to the Sam Howell Memorial Hospital which is also a relic of bygone times. After I healed up I still continued to walk down Kellogg Creek Road to Bells Ferry Hwy 205 and down Eagle Drive to the trail that lead through the Thousand Acre Wood.

Some times the trip was difficult in the heat of summer. I crossed Kellogg Creek Bridge, and passed Loy Wofford’s House. Be fore I ramble off in another direction Loy Wofford was the owner of Wofford’s Grocery or Loy’s Store located in front of Payne Mobile Home Park at the intersection of Kellogg Creek and New Hope Roads. He moved to another store at the corner of Kellogg Creek and Hwy 92. I did odd jobs for Loy and caught the school bus there at his store. I was a member of Trinity Bible Church whenever a church member would pick  me up. I enjoyed going so much I would walk there and found the short cut through the Thousand Acre Wood a great way to get there. I have seen snakes on a few occasions but rarely on the trips through the wood.  Among some of the rumors I have heard about the Thousand Acre Wood was that Union soldiers were sent there to search for furnaces and stills. Much like the ones at Coopers in Etowah, Stamp Creek and Allatoona. I have not been able to find any information accept in a book written by teachers at Chapman Elementary school. To conclude this story which was more about me, The Thousand Acre wood was developed to become a much larger Arvida Community with golf, courses, more schools and its own super community with stores and restaurants. It was called Town Lake and if there was anything of historic value there, I believe it to be long gone. But those woods for a time was my stomping ground and I traveled there on more than one occasion.

1. Woodstock: 1860 – 1970  By Felicia S. Whitmore


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