Captain Delano of the schooner Eagle, arrived here on Saturday from Turtle River, has furnished us with the following particulars the truth of which he declares himself willing, with his whole crew to make affidavit. On Monday, 22nd Instant at 10 o’clock A. M. when about one mile ins side St. Simon’s Bar, endeavoring to beat out observed at a distance of three hundred yards, a large object resembling an Alligator, occasionally moving along the same course with the vessel, and at time lying nearly motionless upon the service. Captain Delano finding himself like to approach very close to this strange visitor, charged a musket with a ball, and tacked so as to run within 20 to 25 yards of him. – at a moment when he was lying perfectly still , and apparently unconcerned, Captain Delano took deliberate aim at the back of his head, the only part then exposed, and fired, the ball evidently taking effect– instantly, to no small astonishment and apprehension of the crew, the monster aroused himself, and made directly for the vessel, contracting his body, and giving two or three tremendous sweeps with his tail as he passed, the first striking the stern and producing a shock which was very sensibly felt by all that were on board. On seeing his approach, the Captain jumped on his deck load full of cotton, and some of his crew was not less prompt in consulting their safety. The all had a fair opportunity to observe their enemy, both before and after the shot, and concur in describing him as upwards of 70 feet in length; his body as large, or larger, than a 60 gallon cask; of a grey color, shaped like an eel – without any visible fins, and apparently covered in scales – the back full of “joints” or “bunches.” The head and mouth resembled those of an Alligator, the former about 10 feet long, and as large as a hogshead! A smaller one of like appearance was observed at a greater distance, which vanished on the firing of the shot, but both were afterwards seen together, passing the North breaker, where they finally disappeared.

What we learn is is never shoot a sea serpent.


2. Southern Recorder, Apr. 03, 1830 — page 3


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