Bartow County, Bartowville, Manassas and Forrest County

General Francis Stebbins Bartow was the first brigade commander killed during the Civil War. This is an important fact to remember as some may say the first officer but the that distinction goes to The first general officer to be killed in the war was Confederate Brig. Gen. Robert S. Garnett at Corrick’s Ford, July 13, 1861 . Amos Rucker and his brother Moses Bentley, two body servants from the 7th Regiment, carried Bartow off the battlefield. The renowned surgeon H. V. M. Miller attended him, but without success. It He died on July 21st, 1861 and his body was returned to Georgia on July 27th 1861 to Laurel Grove Cemetery in Savannah.

On December 1st, 1861, the news paper mentions a house bill to change the name of Cass County to Bartow County. The same suggests changing the name of Cassville Georgia to Bartowville but the bill was amended changing Bartowville to Manassas, where Bartow died. The local newspaper changed from the Cassville Standard to Manassas Standard for a period. Bartow County kept its name and residents went back to naming the remnants of the city – Cassville.

Another Confederate General almost had a county named for him. General Nathan Bedford Forrest, hero of Rome, Georgia

” As an acknowledgement by Georgia of the timely service rendered in capturing the Yankee cavalry near Rome, thereby preventing the destruction of that city, and also thwarting the raid of the enemy on the State Road, it has been suggested by a distinguished citizen, who fills a high official position in Georgia, that the name of Union County be changed to that of Forrest. Since Georgia withdrew from the Abolition Union, she has no use for any name or emblem so hated as the relation she was forced to cast off, to preserve her honor and her rights. Forrest County would have a patriotic and monuments significance. We take the foregoing from the Southern Recorder of the 12th. We second the motion with all our heart.”

A motion was made to reconsider the change of Union County to that of Forrest. The motion after some discussion was lost. The truth being that even though Union county Union in its name, had many units that supported the Confederacy.

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